Autumn Isn't Over!






As Thanksgiving approaches,

brighten your fall displays with our

hardy Black-Eyed Susans!




The rich fall colors of miniature pumpkins and gourds make it easy to create a rustic display for your front porch, balcony, or family dining table!


Let Tagawa Gardens help you deck the halls with our large collection of

paperwhites, amaryllis bulbs, & poinsettias!






Paperwhites are popular, long-blooming,

indoor plants for winter. 


All you need is a pretty pot or shallow bowl, some pebbles, a few large bulbs, water and sunshine. 

In 4 to 6 weeks you will have bunches of

lovely white flowers. 


Choose fragrant or non-fragrant.










Enormous, brightly colored flowers make amaryllis a favorite for the holidays.

Amaryllis bloom indoors for 7-10 weeks during the darkest days of winter, and with some care will rebloom year after year. Once planted, large premium Amaryllis bulbs flower in 10-12 weeks.  Smaller bulbs take 8-10 weeks.


Amaryllis are available in a dazzling array of colors, including red, pink, white, coral, orange and bi-colors.




The poinsettia is a beautiful plant traditional to the winter holidays,

often given as a gift in late November and throughout December.



Tagawa poinsettias come in many different colors and shapes. Bract color varies from red to pink, white, marble, orange, and even purple. Bract shapes can be rounded, jagged, or anything in between.  Plant structure can vary, as well; some varieties are tall, while others are full and wide.

Did you know...

...the distinctive, colorful part of the poinsettia is not its flower

but its petal-like leaves, which are called bracts?





Looking for something new and different?

  Tagawa specializes in painted poinsettias!


A special floral paint is sprayed on white or coral poinsettias to create blue, purple, and orange poinsettias. These showy plants can be matched to a specific home décor or given as a symbolic gift. 






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