Dreaming of Spring?

Join our Custom Container Planting Program!


Photo Courtesy of Rob Proctor


We are proud to offer our very own

custom container planting service! 


Tagawa’s experienced annuals staff will plant a beautiful container garden according to YOUR

unique specifications and environment. 


Your container or ours?  You decide. 

 "I should be your poster child! I tell all my friends it's a great launch to spring." ~Sue B.


"I love having the containers big and beautiful right when we pick them up! I get tons of compliments from all my neighbors.

I am known as the house with the beautiful flowers!" ~Beth P.


"I highly recommend Tagawa's container program. The flowers are always healthy and beautiful

and last all season long. Fabulous job!" ~Michelle M.


"Loved my flowers! Great job! Thank you for sending an e-mail reminder to bring in my pots for re-planting!" ~Dana H.



How does the program work? 

           Bring in your pots from January to mid-March to insure your containers will be “grown-in” and beautiful by mid-May.  

                 (For optimal growth container gardens need at least 8 weeks from time of planting to mature.)

          Please empty and clean your containers with a 10% bleach solution.   If you don’t have the means to clean your     

                 containers, we’ll be happy to clean emptied pots for a small fee.

          Meet with a member of our Annuals staff to discuss your planting ideas and needs.  We will talk with you about    

                 sun requirements, as well as color and plant preferences.

           Our designers will plant your container garden(s) according to your specifications.

          Your pots are watered, fertilized and carefully maintained for the next 6-8 weeks.

          Your container gardens, overflowing with blooms, are now ready to go home with you and become the envy of your   



It’s that simple!


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the Annuals Department at 303-690-4722 (x136)

or email us at





We still have paperwhites!



Paperwhites are popular, long-blooming,

indoor plants for winter. 


All you need is a pretty pot or shallow bowl, some pebbles, a few large bulbs, water and sunshine. 

In 4 to 6 weeks you will have bunches of

lovely white flowers. 


Choose fragrant or non-fragrant.









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