Fairy Gardens

Click here for a short video introduction to our Fairy Garden Department & learn to make a fairy garden!!


Fairy Garden Birthday Parties are also available by appointment! Click here to learn more.

Step into the wonder! Experience the whimsy.

Pause to listen for the lilt of fairy flutes. Glimpse the glint of jeweled wings.

Miniature landscaping invites kids and adults alike to remember how to imagine. Our Fairy Garden Boutique offers a charming selection of plants, fairies, houses, small benches, fences, trellises, garden tools, tables, and all else that will beckon invisible wings to alight in your own small garden.

Fairy lands are naturally enchanting to children, but these magical miniature landscapes can also gently restore a sense of wonder to a weary soul or plant a seed of hope in a sad heart.

Wander into our Fairy Boutique, and experience the enchantment.

Build it, and they will come!