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5 Great Gardening Ideas for this Long Holiday Weekend

First and foremost, Memorial Day is a time to pause, honor and remember… and Memorial Day weekend has become an unofficial green light that signals the start of summer.  And it’s the perfect time to get a jump on a few projects in your yard, and still leave time for holiday weekend barbecues.

Tackle one or two…. or take them all on, if you’re feeling ambitious.  But whatever you choose, a little effort now will be time well-spent as we slide into summer.

Read on!

Red, white and blue lobelia at Tagawa Gardens in Denver

The power of flowers

For instant color…. and instant gratification, as they say…. there’s nothing like bright, bold annuals to dress up your landscape.  If you haven’t included a bed, a basket or a big pot of annuals in your “outdoor rooms,” or if you’d like to add a few more, now is a great time to dress things up a bit.  And you can bet that the Annuals Department at Tagawa Gardens will dazzle you with hundreds of different flowers to choose from.

Hanging baskets are an especially easy way to add fun and flair to your deck, patio or garden.  Here’s a little trick to make this project even easier.  Pick out the basket that suits your location.  Tagawa’s has beautiful baskets spilling over with plants designed for either sun or shade.  “Harden off” or acclimate your new hanging basket for a few days by setting the plants in a protected place outdoors.  That will help ease their adjustment out of our greenhouses and into their new home in your yard.  Once you’ve hardened off them off, gently ease the plants out of their basket and set them intact into your bed or container.  Voila!  Couldn’t be easier!

There’s no better time to plant trees and shrubs than right now!

Red Pet Night Sky at Tagawa Gardens DenverTake a look around your yard and see if something might be missing….  like maybe the perfect tree?

Friday May 27 through Memorial Day Monday May 30, 2016 Tagawa’s trees and shrubs will be 20% OFF (not valid with any other discounts on trees and shrubs).

Trees and shrubs help create the “bones” of a welcoming landscape and instantly add value and curb appeal.  Before the heat of summer sets in for good, take advantage of our cooler spring temperatures to do a bit of digging.  It’s easier on you and on your new trees and shrubs.

Tagawa’s Nursery Department is brimming with shrubs and trees that thrive in Colorado gardens.  If they aren’t a good fit for the Front Range, we don’t sell them.

Take some pictures on your smart phone, showing the areas you think could use a new tree or shrub.  It helps our Nursery Staff see what you’re seeing, and lets them guide you to the tree that is the right size, shape and variety for your space.

T.L.C. for a beautiful lawn

If you haven’t fertilized your lawn yet, by all means do so!  Even better, aerate first and then fertilize.  Several years ago I vowed to aerate my lawn twice a year, in the cool weather of spring and fall, and it’s a promise I’ve kept.  I’m convinced it’s made my lawn thicker, healthier and far better at blocking weeds.  And that’s a great return on my aeration investment!

John, one of the lawn care advisors at Tagawa’s, also recommends a top dressing with a finely-screened compost like Eko Lawn Topdressing after you’ve aerated.  It’s a routine that works for me, as I see my lawn just get better-looking every year.

Red, white and blue allysum at Tagawa Gardens in Denver

Don’t forget the perennials!

Even if June wasn’t Perennial Gardening Month, which it is, this is a fine time to add these remarkable plants to your landscape.  I look at gardening in general as an act of faith, and it’s never more true than with perennials…. the plants that just keep on giving, year after year.

There’s a saying in the gardening trade when it comes to perennials:  The first year they sleep.  The second year they creep.  The third year they leap.  In other words, plant the right perennial in the right place, and it will reward you in full for years to come.

Tagawa Gardens prides itself on having one of the best perennials staffs you’ll find.  They know their plants!  Ginger, our Perennials Supervisor, brings in thousands of plants to fit every Front Range garden.  Her crew is primed and ready to help you find just the right plant to make a lasting impression in your yard.

Last, but definitely not least, veggies!

What a great time to plant your warm-season veggies…. tomatoes, peppers, cukes and squash and beans!  Whether you’re planting in containers or beds, you’ll find that these heat-loving plants take off faster and grow stronger as the temperatures start to climb.

At Tagawa’s, we talk about “Grow your own groceries…. and grow your good health!”  That’s certainly true for us grown-ups, but it’s especially true for the kiddos.  A long weekend…. or any weekend as summer approaches… is just a teaching moment waiting to happen in your garden.

Let your young ones pick out their own plant…. a tomato that produces bite-sized fruit or a pot of beautiful mixed lettuce… something they can call their garden.  Then guide them through the season.  It’s all about “growing little gardeners,” and Tagawa’s would love to help!

More About Annuals…

Luan shows you how to choose Annuals for Sun and Shade…

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Luan Akin
Luan Akin
Tagawa Gardens Outreach Ambassador

After 30 years as a news reporter for KCNC TV in Denver, Luan Akin was ready for a change. In 2008, she came to Tagawa Gardens and offered to create a brand new position: Garden Outreach Ambassador.

Luan had trained and volunteered as a Douglas County Master Gardener for ten years. In addition to her duties as a news reporter, working primarily out of the Channel 4 News helicopter, Luan also produced and presented a long-running series of stories called “Gardening Together.”

All these years later, Luan now works year ‘round, presenting a variety of gardening and nature-related topics to hundreds of children, HOA’s, gardening clubs, church groups, small businesses and other organizations.

She is an avid gardener, a beekeeper and a proud mom to four dogs who have trained her well.


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