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Hold friends and family close this season with help from Tagawa Gardens!

The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends and share the warmth of the season.  This year, that may not always be as easy as we’d like.  So Tagawa Gardens has a suggestion: When you can’t have a holiday party, why not have a holiday Zoom with Tagawas?  I’ll be your hostess!

After umpteen years in front of a TV camera, I feel right at home on Zoom.   We’re working hard to make these sessions professional and watchable so our Zoom guests won’t have any trouble hearing or seeing.

What’s on the Zoom menu, you ask?

While Tagawa’s in-person OutReach is on hold for now, that doesn’t mean my OutReach cohorts and I have been hanging out with our feet up!

We’ve designed some projects with this time of year in mind.  They include beautiful houseplants from our Foliage Department in a living centerpiece, a mini holiday wall hanging or a small-space tabletop decoration.  Have a specific request for something else?  Let’s talk!

You and your Zoom buddies can watch along as I put the project together or get the supplies and make one yourself at the same time.  Display them in your own home or offer them as heartfelt gifts.  You set up the Zoom call for your group and we’ll do the rest!

Reserve your spot now!

If you’re interested in exploring a Tagawa Zoom OutReach for your family, friends, club members, or co-workers, it’s easy!  Just call Meagan, Tagawa’s OutReach, and Events Assistant at 303-690-4722.  We’d love have you join in the fun!!

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Luan Akin
Luan Akin
Tagawa Gardens Outreach Ambassador

After 30 years as a news reporter for KCNC TV in Denver, Luan Akin was ready for a change. In 2008, she came to Tagawa Gardens and offered to create a brand new position: Garden Outreach Ambassador.

Luan had trained and volunteered as a Douglas County Master Gardener for ten years. In addition to her duties as a news reporter, working primarily out of the Channel 4 News helicopter, Luan also produced and presented a long-running series of stories called “Gardening Together.”

All these years later, Luan now works year ‘round, presenting a variety of gardening and nature-related topics to hundreds of children, HOA’s, gardening clubs, church groups, small businesses and other organizations.

She is an avid gardener, a beekeeper and a proud mom to four dogs who have trained her well.


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