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Tagawa’s Grey Kitties are so ready for spring!

Tagawa Gardens has had Grey Kitties in residence since 1986.   It’s part of who we are!

Our current Grey Kitties are a brother-sister act, “Lady Grey” and “Earl Grey.”  They came to live with us in the fall of 2015, when they were only two months old.  They needed lots of love, and they got it from Tagawa’s animal-adoring staff.

In the beginning, Lady and Earl found our big, busy garden center a bit intimidating.  Tagawa Gardens was so different from the barn where they were born!   To help them adjust, they spent most of those early weeks here behind the scenes in the quiet comfort of Tagawa’s main office. They’d come out for a bit before the store opened and after we closed to inspect the place and get the lay of the land.

And now?

Now, time has passed, and oh my goodness!  How they have adjusted!  Now, they claim Tagawa’s as their own.  Their annuals department.  Their houseplants.  Their hard goods and gift shop and Guest Services Desk.   And while they can still be a bit reserved at times, they are so ready for spring!!
LADY GREY BY BIRD BATHLady lives up to her name.  She is a lovely sable grey.  Like her brother, she has intense yellow-green eyes.  The staff here at Tagawa’s describes her as affectionate and yet bold. Lady is the hunter of the pair.  She was born with a decidedly crooked tail, but she doesn’t let that rob her of a single ounce of her feline dignity.EARL GREY NAPS, TUMMY UP

Earl has beautiful black and grey stripes, but he shares Lady’s lime green eyes.  He’s full of bravado and mischief, but never lets his more cunning sister get too far away.

Grey Kitties from the past

Lady and Earl are the most recent in a long line of rescued kitties who’ve become part of the staff here Tagawa Gardens.    Their predecessors have names like “Smokey Grey,” “Fuzzy Grey,” “Peyton Grey” and our beloved “Miss Kitty.”  Every July, Tagawa’s celebrates our love of animals by throwing a Grey Kitty Birthday Party.  We invite non-profit animal rescue groups into the garden center to promote the work they do and raise much-need funds.  And there’s free birthday cake for all!  We hope you’ll join us for Grey Kitty’s Birthday this year!

In the meantime, keep an eye out for these two new members of our kitty contingent as they mark their first spring season at Tagawa’s.  You may see them streaking across the aisle in front of you in a time-honored game of kitty cat tag.  Or perhaps they’ll be napping in the big fairy garden.  Or lurking among the ferns.  Or sunning themselves at one of the check-out registers.  They may…. or may not…. let you pet them.  They are cats, after all.

But all of us at Tagawa Gardens are thrilled to have these two lovely rescued kitties on board and on duty as we welcome in another spring season!










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Luan Akin
Luan Akin
Tagawa Gardens Outreach Ambassador

After 30 years as a news reporter for KCNC TV in Denver, Luan Akin was ready for a change. In 2008, she came to Tagawa Gardens and offered to create a brand new position: Garden Outreach Ambassador.

Luan had trained and volunteered as a Douglas County Master Gardener for ten years. In addition to her duties as a news reporter, working primarily out of the Channel 4 News helicopter, Luan also produced and presented a long-running series of stories called “Gardening Together.”

All these years later, Luan now works year ‘round, presenting a variety of gardening and nature-related topics to hundreds of children, HOA’s, gardening clubs, church groups, small businesses and other organizations.

She is an avid gardener, a beekeeper and a proud mom to four dogs who have trained her well.


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